Alco Group is a company in constant motion. We enjoy an intelligent evolution in recent years, with sustained efforts, from a simple company that marketed only PVC joinery and only in Romania, to a company that has expanded its services abroad.

- founder -
Codrut Pop

About the company:

It’s extraordinary what we managed to achieve until now!

What attracts AlcoGroup customers is the fact that they can work with only one company  if they want to purchase more products. So they save time and money.

AlcoGroup now offers premium services for your building.

We offer from PVC Salamander systems, aluminum joinery (brand Alumil or Reynaers), roller shutters, interior doors, tempered glass furnishings with high performance hardware (Dorma brand), used in the most modern approaches to various tempered glass, aluminum, wrought iron, stainless steel or wood railing models. We also build staircases made of various materials, in accordance with the boldest visions / requests.

All products benefit from professional assemblies, carried out by specialized teams for each type of work.

And we don’t stop here …

Since 2010, the company’s interest turned to residential projects, managing to surprise our customers with the most sophisticated ideas and proposals. We are the only company in Europe that can offer four premium products for one project, namely: 1- external joinery, 2-interior doors, 3- tempered glass furnishings and 4-stairs / railings.

THE COMPANY’S MISSION is to provide reliable service through accurate, quality offers for performed work, promptness in addressing each request,by using materials consistent with the highest standards.

THE COMPANY’S VISION is to distinguish itself apart from the multitude of competing companies that produce and sell for very low prices and do not provide quality. We don’t practice the lowest prices, but we certainly offer the best quality-price ratio.

The works we execute are lifelong investments!

VALUES we believe in:

Customer orientation

We respect our customers’ demands

We offer technical advice and solutions

We respond promptly to their requests

Loyalty discounts for existing customers

We offer various payment options, depending on each person’s payment ability


We say what we do and do what we say

We take responsibility for the most difficult projects

We do not stick to the usual state of things

Win-Win: We win – You win!

We approach our employees, customers, suppliers and business partners in order to create value for all of us!

Quality before everything!